ND Yag Laser Treatments

This laser treats the following conditions: VeinsWrinkles, fine Lines, Increases Collagen Production Toe Nail Fungus/onychomycosis Hair Removal (All skin types)

Our ND Yag Laser effectively treats vascular lesions up to 4.5 mm deep and with a diameter of up to 4 mm, such as superficial veins. This Multi-Spot Nd:YAG treats all skin types safely and effectively. For smaller vessels, our IPL treatment is another option. Click here to learn more about out IPL services.

Wrinkles, Fine lines, Collagen Production
Nd:YAG Laser can treat at a superficial level; by gently heating the subcutaneous skin (in a non-ablative manner) it stimulates neo coll agenesis (collagen production)which improves the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines.

Toe Nail Fungus

Stop suffering the pain and embarrassment of unsightly nail fungus. This easy and convenient treatment that helps turn your discolored and disfigured nails into clearer, healthier looking nails. Safe and effective, this in-office treatment is pain free, has no harmful side effects, and typically takes only about 30-minutes to complete.


Here are some tips to prepare for your treatment(s)

Hair Removal
This ND Yag effectively removes unwanted hair. Safe for all Skin Types. This is Our “Go-To” Laser for Darker Skin. For more information regarding our laser hair removal services, click here.